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‘Preceptorships matter more than ever’ – Nursing Times Article, 19 December 2023

Stuart Tuckwood, UNISON’s National Officer for Nursing and a valued member of the National Preceptorship Programme’s Steering Group, recently wrote about the pressing need for support for newly-qualified nurses.

You can view the article on the Nursing Times online (one free access article permitted every month or via subscription).

First Year Review

Thank you to all the health and social care organisations who completed our First Year Review during June 2023. The purpose of the First Year Review was to assess the status of preceptorship following the launch of the National Preceptorship Framework and resources in October 2022. The full analysis of the national results is available here.  Each regional lead will be sharing results within our communities of practice and working with preceptorship leads to identify action plans going forward. 

The National Preceptorship Framework and National Preceptorship Model for England are now available.

The National Preceptorship Programme was established in November 2021 to design, develop and deliver a Preceptorship Framework for Nursing for England and associated quality standards for all health and social care organisations.

Preceptorship plays a key role in retention by setting in place a structure to support newly qualified professionals, allowing them to translate their knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and have the best possible start in their careers.

The National Preceptorship Framework was designed and developed in collaboration with stakeholders and came into effect in October 2022. Through partnership working with new registrants and the organisations and professional groups that support them, the programme has brought people together to learn from and share best practice. These collectively agreed set of standards and framework for good practice are flexible and can be adapted to different settings, locations and types of organisation. A suite of resources have also been developed to support implementation of the framework.

This exciting programme has been developed under the leadership of Dr Jane Wray (clinical lead) and Desiree Cox (programme lead), with support from seven regional preceptorship leads and their communities of practice.


Upcoming events

‘Celebrating Preceptorship’ – 11 March 2024, Central London
Join us at this free in person event in London to celebrate the great work being done by organisations nationwide to support newly registered nurses and to promote preceptorship.
Email us at npp@tavi-port.nhs.uk to request a place.

Previous events and recordings

‘Celebrating Preceptorship in Primary Care’12 December 2023

At this free virtual event the National Preceptorship Programme team explored how preceptorship for nurses can be delivered in primary care settings. Examples of best practice from across our communities of practice were shared, including presentations from organisations who have been awarded the Interim Quality Mark.

The slide presentation from the day of the event can be accessed here.
The recording of the event can be viewed here.

‘NPP – Establishing and Facilitating an Action Learning Set’ – 13 September 2023
‘NPP – Establishing and Facilitating an Action Learning Set’ – 20 July 2023
‘NPP – Establishing and Facilitating an Action Learning Set’ – 18 July 2023
‘NPP – Establishing and Facilitating an Action Learning Set’ – 6 July 2023

National Preceptorship Programme Update‘ – 30 May 2023

The slide presentation from the day of the event can be accessed here.
Watch the recording of the event here.

‘Preceptorship Matters – Celebrating Preceptorship’ Event – 20 March 2023

The recording of the ‘Preceptorship Matters – Celebrating Preceptorship’ event is in two sessions:
Morning session
Afternoon session

The slide presentation from the day of the event can be accessed here.

You can read the Question and Answers from the event here

Why does preceptorship matter? What is the value of preceptorship?
Have a look at some of the feedback we had from our wonderful event attendees.

Recordings of previous events can be accessed below:

Preceptorship for Social Care Focus Group – Tuesday 9 August 2022
Preceptorship for Primary Care Focus Group – Friday 8 July 2022
National Preceptorship Second Stakeholder Engagement Event – 13 June 2022

National Preceptorship Quality Mark Stakeholder Engagement Event – 29 November 2022

The presentation from the event can be accessed here

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