Testing the impact of the stress and resilience framework on staff wellbeing

We measured the impact of our stress and resilience framework on staff wellbeing.

In 2019 we completed the development of the stress and resilience framework. The framework gives health organisations an opportunity to take a step back to have a structured look at how things are in their organisation for their staff.

It does this by recognising the inherent challenges health staff face when providing care. The emphasis is on moving away from the notion of individual resilience and towards the responsibility health organisations have to support their staff.

Following an encouraging response to the release of the framework, HEE gave us the opportunity to test the impact it could have when NHS organisations adopt it for themselves. We worked with organisations to pilot the framework and co-produce the evaluation method and metrics around staff wellbeing to understand it’s impact.

We also worked closely with specialists to ensure that the framework is in line with the most up to date diversity guidelines and that it is as inclusive as possible.

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