Preparing the workforce for the proposed Mental Health Act reform

We wanted to understand how the proposed changes to the Mental Health Act (1983) (2007) might impact the mental health workforce. 

The White paper ‘Reforming the Mental Health Act’ outlines 154 recommendations to the Government on how the Mental Health Act (MHA) might change to improve implementation, practice and patient experience. 

We conducted research to understand how these changes could impact multi-professional Approved Clinicians’ time and workloads in inpatient and community settings. 

We also wanted to understand how the wider multi-disciplinary mental health workforce could be impacted by the proposed Mental Health Act reform. We focused our attention on four multi-disciplinary professions we believed to have a key role in the care planning and management of patients treated under the Mental Health Act. Our work provided some insight into the expected implications for mental health nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and social workers working in clinical settings in the NHS. 

We delivered two short reports detailing our research methods, findings and considerations. 

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