Band 6 aspiring manager leader role for mental health

We wanted to help aspiring nurses and allied health professionals move into leadership positions

Project output

This project delivered a leadership programme for aspiring leaders in mental health i.e. for nurses and allied health professionals. The Band 6 aspiring leader project was a key part in supporting the delivery of ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan, NHS Interim People Plan and the NHS Mental Health Implementation Plan 2019/20 – 2023/24.

Project outcome

The project’s outcomes were to promote development opportunities for nurses and allied health professionals and improve retention amongst these key groups. The outcomes of this bespoke leadership training were to:

·         Foster the skills, ways of working and attributes that equip staff to work in the challenging and changing context of mental health across different settings and in new, integrated models of care.

·         Provide effective leadership development interventions and facilitation to enable participants to try new ideas and ways of working, in a safe environment

·         Facilitate reflection about clinical leadership in mental health, helping participants to understand and utilise their impact and influence

·         Enhance individual and organisational capability for leadership and quality improvement;

·         Consider how to engage with staff and service users to drive quality improvement

·         Promote multi-disciplinary and cross organisational learning about clinical leadership for change, to improve quality and patient experience.

This project made contributions by enhancing the regional work, specifically by expanding the workforce through training new workers and through upskilling, developing and retaining the existing workforce through bespoke training for the Trusts.

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